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The Regal Mattress by Englander

The Regal by Englander

The Regal by Englander


Two Sided Regal

Available in Twin, Full, Queen, E. King and Cal. King.

Printable Specifications

  • Warranty:
  • - 10 Year / 3 year Non Prorated
  • Comfort System:
  • - Fiber, 5/8" foam
  • - Insulator pad
  • Support System:
  • - 390 13 1/2 high profile innerspring, 5 turn coil
  • - Double Edge Guard Support



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Wire-Tied Coil Mattresses

Wire-Tied Coil units are both durable and responsive. They are created by connecting many coils into a single piece, giving the mattress proper support for all types of people. With a wire-tied coil system, every spring is supported by the adjacent coils, which helps combine comfort with durability. A medium gauge coil (13.5 - 14 gauge) is often used to allow for gentle comfort while maintaining support and durability. Often, a shortcoming of these mattresses is the lateral transfer of motion throughout the mattress. That results in one moving partner waking the other. This is usually addressed by running the strands of connecting wire between coils from head to toe rather than side to side which keeps the movement on one side of the bed.


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The Only Two Sided Mattress Store in Seattle

Two Sided flippable mattresses were created to last longer than the normal one sided "Can’t-Flip" Mattresses. Bedrooms & More has worked with manufacturers to design these double sided mattresses to ensure our customers get the best, most comfortable and longest lasting mattresses available.

If you couldn't flip your mattress, you would be replacing it much faster.

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A Two-Sided mattress equals longer lifetime