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Two Sided Coil Mattresses | Innerspring Mattresses

At Bedrooms & More we will never compromise on comfort or durability. For that reason all of our mattresses will always be two sided and flippable. Our queen mattresses start as low as $219.95.

Wire-Tied Coil Innerspring Mattresses

Regal Double Sided Mattresses Seattle

Regal Mattress

$179.95 - $379.95

Eco two sided Mattress

Value Rest Eco

Sound Sleep
$229.95 - $469.95

432 two sided coil Mattress

Value Rest 432

Sound Sleep
$249.95 - $499.95

Mulberry two-sided Mattress

The Mulberry

Sound Sleep
$329.95 - $749.95

Therapedic Cotton Mattress

Cotton Kids Mattress

$359.95 - $749.95

Laurel Firm double sided Mattress

The Laurel Plush

Sound Sleep
$399.95 - $899.95

Laurel Plush double sided Mattress

The Laurel Firm

Sound Sleep
$399.95 - $899.95

Therapedic Wool and Organic Cotton Chidrens Mattress

Bunk Bed Compatible Mattress

$539.95 - $669.95

Hawthorne flippable Mattress

The Hawthorne Firm

Sound Sleep
$629.95 - $1,199.95

Therapedic Cotton and Wool Mattress

Deluxe Cotton and Wool Mattress

$699.95 - $1,299.95

Therapedic Organic Cotton and Wool Kids Mattress

Organic Cotton and Wool Mattress

$899.95 - $1,099.95

OMC Biscayne Firm

Biscayne Firm

Oregon Mattress Company
$999.95 - $1,999.95

Therapedic Organic Cotton and Wool Mattress

Deluxe Organic Cotton and Wool Mattress

$1,099.95 - $1,999.95

Pocketed Coil Mattresses

Willow Mattress

The Willow

Sound Sleep
$429.95 - $799.95

OMC Discovery Innerspring Mattress


Oregon Mattress Company
$429.95 - $999.95

OMC Carkeek Innerspring Mattress


Oregon Mattress Company
$599.95 - $1,099.95

OMC Madrona Innerspring Mattress


Oregon Mattress Company
$599.95 - $1,099.95

OMC Kenai Plush

Kenai Plush

Oregon Mattress Company
$999.95 - $1,999.95

OMC Shenandoah Mattress

Shenandoah Plush

Oregon Mattress Company
$999.95 - $1,999.95

Aspen Luxury Firm by Englander

Aspen Luxury Firm

$1,199.95 - $2,099.95

Aspen Pillow Top

Aspen Pillow Top

$1,399.95 - $2,399.95

Coil-On-Coil Mattresses

OMC Sequoia Dual Euro-Top

Sequoia Dual Euro-Top

Oregon Mattress Company
$1,499.95 - $2,499.95

OMC Acadia


Oregon Mattress Company
$1,799.95 - $2,999.95

With a double sided flippable mattress you can even out the wear of your mattress, which leads to a longer comfort life. In fact, two sided mattresses have been proven to last 3 times as long as their can’t flip counterparts. In shopping with us you can get long lasting support at very competitive, budget friendly prices from quality brands including Englander, Sound Sleep, Oregon Mattress Company, Therapedic, 45th Street Bedding and more.

Always Two Sided Flippable Mattress Logo

We have been helping families enjoy healthy sleep, with the most comfortable two-sided mattresses, for over 40 years! Please come and visit our store. You will enjoy the experience and like the FREE off-street & covered parking!

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